duncan o'shaughnessy
full name dr. duncan gregory o'shaughnessy
nicknames shaun
age 34
dob august 4th, 1982
residence ??? boston, ma
sexuality heterosexual
status lol
blah blah he was born and then he do things he dun runnin
occupation dermatologist
hometown boston, mass
parents alexander king (father, 58), emily katherine king (mother, deceased 3/21/2004)
siblings four older (37, 36, 35) & one younger (10)

this will be da personality
dork dork dork doofus duncan the doofus bold doofus italicsssss previous house
• his mother had a child at 18, 19, 20, 21, and then again at age 45
• gives nicknames to everybody, even unwanted
• pet potbellied pig???????????????????

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